Web Design Qualities Every Website Should Have

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Simple and Unique Design

In designing a website, whether it is done by an amateur or website design company, it should aim to create one that reflects the brand of a business. It is critical to leave a good first impression.

If a company website is made using a run-of-the-mill template, which looks like numerous others online, it will not leave an impact or memory recall on viewers. A website’s homepage can make or break a deal for a company. It gives an idea of the whole site so it should be impressive enough to capture the interest of viewers.

Visitors can easily get discouraged with a poorly designed website. They like it to be easy to navigate from one point to another without going through visuals and other obstacles. In addition, they can get turned-off by clutter, which will surely drive them away to competitors. It is best to have a website that is simple and easy to navigate with no extras that are not needed.

Well Displayed Products and Services

Web designs of most small businesses are not able to display their products in an effective manner or they make a page look cluttered with their many products and/or services. They should keep in mind that it only take a few seconds to gain or lose potential customers.

When a company sells products online, they should use photos that are appropriate with their matching descriptions. Poorly displayed products even on a great website design can make customers think twice before buying.

Fast Load Time

When a site takes too long to load, viewers become impatient. Companies should make sure that their web design comes with the right infrastructure as well as the supporting bandwidth. When the design is too complicated, this could cause a longer loading time, driving away prospective customers. To improve loading time, it is best to choose good hosts.


It is a rule of thumb for businesses, whether small or big, to use relevant content on their website. This is a must to get indexed by search engines. It is easier for them to index a site that has more qualitative and quantitative content. Content is considered a game changer in attracting or driving away viewers. Also, headlines should be given more attention since this will determine whether visitors will stay longer on the site or leave immediately.

Based on studies, more people use their mobile devices than desktops to searching so it is critical for businesses to have a website that loads fast without going through lots of glitches.

Since Google uses page speed as a major element in ranking, it expects businesses to take this important feature into consideration. Experts say that small business websites should fully load in a maximum of 3 seconds in order to be efficient. A page loading time can be measured with the use of Google PageSpeed Tool.

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